About Us

A Little Bird Co. is a small corporation based in the United States that has one main goal: to spread simple kindness. We leave notes and gifts around at our school for other students to enjoy. We started what we do to spread that kindness and to carry this goal to schools all over the world. We hope that we can motivate those who need it most and inspire everyone to be a Little Bird themselves. Below you can read about the individual workers here at A Little Bird Co., and what we do to spread kindness!


Hi there, I’m Sparrow! I’m A Little Bird Co.’s crafter and graphic designer. I design and print fun notes to bring joy to others, and I even make them into downloads for you to use! I craft, design and work hard to make the world a better, more loving place. I’m thrilled to be a part of A Little Bird Co. and spread kindness to as many people as I can!


Salutations! I’m Wren, the main distributor at a Little Bird Co. It's my job to also assist in the planning and design of our projects and website. I work alongside Finch and Sparrow to make the world a better place, and to help others do the same. I love working on projects in order to make people’s day. Something, I look forward to doing this in the future!


Hey! I’m Finch, and I mainly help Sparrow and Wren decide on certain details of the projects. It’s been a pleasure working with them on the projects so far, it’s given me so much joy, and hopefully it brings some to you as well! It’s fulfilling knowing that what we do may brighten up someone’s day, so we are all working hard to spread smiles and happiness in as many classrooms as possible!